Soon after I arrival in Los Angeles, I hit the ground running, performing in a range of venues including the Getty Museum (with Exene Cervenka and Vaginal Davis), LA Women’s Theater Festival, World Stage, Beyond Baroque and the Japan American Theater. I provided text and visual art for “Artificial Afrika,” Vernon Reid’s animation project and art exhibition at the GAS Gallery in Soho, danced in choreographer Keith Glassman’s multimedia work “Audacious,” and received acclaim for “Oracle Machine,” my composite persona “Condi/Jacki/Traci” (Condoleeza Rice, Jackie Onassis and Tracie Lords) which was featured in Denise Uyehara’s “Not About Me” show at Highways Performance Space & Gallery.

Performance:  PCP Not About Me (NSFW)

Uterine Vinegar Clips (NSFW)