She is Trippin’


I never said I’d restore your faith in women

show me my signature

and I’ll relinquish my right to these blues


she is trippin’

over inconsistencies called bad timing

and working late


he is trippin’, too

losing his buttons, keys, comb

accusing her just to make up again

howling loud enough to excite dogs


when he licked her ear

she swore she could hear her angel apologizing

man in the crown of sunflowers and feathers

incarnate Axis Mundi of her creation myth


she used to be a satellite orbiting his whims

but in his mirrored universe

constellations sprung from lapses of adoration


there is no enchantment, no incantation

strong enough to rein him

only empty candle holders

rotting offerings, evaporating rum

and wishes written in menses


desire is an imperfect conjuring

some miracles come assembly required

he’s got babies but he’s married to convenience

lives on an overwrought soundstage

reading lines penned by his wife

he often misspells ‘love’

unless she writes it with her Mont Blanc

they approximate the stance of lovers

posture through emotions meant to simulate affection

glance through forgettable conversations

dancing the tango of the richly delusional


she used to believe in chupparosas and glass slippers, too

deep loving that leaves you weak, mouth to sky

singing one-note blues in likker hurricanes when it’s gone

we both search for signs of maturity

but you are only as old as your last spanking

he shaves regularly, leaves us disappointed

counting nights like sheep, like tears


but if your number ain’t been called

don’t claim the prize

he is the lesson returned without disguise

he’s got honest eyes and misdemeanor lips

he is an infant in a man’s skin

playing red light, green light with intimacy


and she, woman-child wanting ice cream and hugs

taking cold showers

worrying bout who’s gonna help this young thing

don’t we all want Beulahs and bon-bons to make it all better

she gives in like a bad kharma Kahlo

feeding the parasite she stole off another fish


she is holding the black mirror

pondering which of her deeds

manifested this beast in her bed

pockets his wedding ring


what the rest of us are settling for

if this is all the heaven she can steal