At the start of my performing career I drew upon my background in industrial design (product design) to create props and costumes for my own work. In 2012 after more than 15 years as a solo artist I opened Sew What, a design shop that creates props, costumes and set pieces for theater artists, choreographers and television set designers. To date I’ve created pieces for a wide range of projects including costumes for choreographers Meg Wolfe (Cloudland) and Prumsodum Ok (Khemara: A Country in Three Acts), Anna B. Scott (Bout to Get On) performance artist Santa Perversa (Whipped!), The Griot Theater of the West Valley (Voices) and custom-designed velvet cloaks for Witch Camp 2012 participants. In addition, I’m creating a line of eco-friendly interior designs re-purpose industrial materials and found objects into beautiful custom items for the home.